Welcome to The Harp Gathering, Folk Harp Festival
at the Sauder Village - Heritage Inn, Archbold Ohio!


Patrice Fisher:

Latin Dance Rhythms
Description TBA

Improvising in a Therapeutic Music Setting
Therapeutic Music is a quickly growing field of opportunity for harpists. We are mobile and acoustically don’t need much equipment to play for patients and can easily travel to different parts of a health care facility. We will explore some concepts for memorizing a tune and stretching it out by improvisation, playing it at different speeds and taking the essentials of the harmony, rhythm and melody to create a healing environment. Intermediate level, but all are welcome.

Improvising on a Gospel Tune
This uniquely American genre draws its roots from the African American church choir. We can make these songs our own by adding a few colorful touches, using blue notes, exotic scales, rhythmic accents, counter melodies and answering melodic lines. Patrice Fisher has been playing with the St Augustine Soulful Voices Gospel Choir since 2011. St. Augustine Church is the oldest African American Church in the U.S. Historians write that this church was instrumental in inspiring the birth of Jazz in New Orleans. Intermediate level, but all are welcome.


Christa Grix:

Mastering Music through Engaging Practice
Mastering music involves more than just hours sitting in the practice room – HOW you practice is equally important as how many hours you practice. In this workshop we will talk about practice techniques, developing the connection between the brain and the fingers, and becoming your own best music teacher through engaged, active learning. All Levels.

Mastering Music through Mighty Memorization
Do you freeze when it comes to memorizing through fear of memory slips? We will continue to discuss methods and techniques that develop engaged, active learning of music so that you can play freely and without fear of losing your place in the music. All Levels.

Mastering Music and Beyond through the Creative Process
Expressing yourself through music takes artistry, creativity and courage. This workshop, based on Julia Cameron’s “The Artists Way,” will focus on ways to explore and discover your own unique style of self-expression and creativity. All Levels.

Kim Robertson:

Really Slow Airs
Relax and escape the hectic pace of life with a sampling of some of Kim’s favorite slow airs from around the globe. Some simple left hand patterns will be included that create a soothing but steady pulse. Ideal for beginners or therapeutic musicians. All levels welcome, sample tunes will be on lead sheets.

Creative Carols
Known for her numerous holiday recordings, Kim will share some of her trade secrets for arranging Christmas music. Using both classic & Celtic carols, learn practical tips for choosing intros & chords patterns, substitute harmonies, creating medleys and other innovations that will breathe new life into standard carols. Sample tunes will be on lead sheets. Intermediate but all levels welcome

Size Doesn’t Matter
Lap harps are not just a travel instrument or a toy. Learn how to create and adapt arrangements to show off the full range and charm of a smaller harp. Using rhythmic left hand patterns, strategic chord voicings and cross-hand techniques, discover the full potential of your little harp.. Bringing small harps is encouraged (bigger harps will be asked to stay in the back)

TAPESTRY (Denise & Michael Grupp-Verbon):

- Play Time! (Thursday Special Workshop with Denise Grupp-Verbon)



Frank Voltz:

From Hymnal to Harp
If you think jazz harp in church is beyond the boundaries of religion - think again! We're going to wake everyone up in the pews! We will take several hymns and create jazzy arrangements. In this hands-on workshop, we will explore many musical possibilities with jazz styles and techniques. Most hymns are simple 16-bar tunes that make them easy to arrange. You can take everything you experience in this class and apply it to pop tunes as well. INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED LEVELS

Cascading Arpeggios
What does the harp do best? Arpeggios and glissandos. When you see and hear a harpist play ascending and descending arpeggios up and down the harp non-stop, it takes your breath away. Why? Because you wish you could do THAT (and because it is just simply gorgeous)! In this workshop, we will break them down into small bites, understand how to intertwine them, practice them, and polish them. Voila, you just added a new arsenal to your harp toolbar. We will start with “three fingers per hand” arpeggios and continue with “four fingers per hand” arpeggios. Think about it—if you’re going to play the harp the rest of your life, how many arpeggios will you play between now and then? A lot! Learn to play them NOW so that you can enjoy playing them the rest of your life! INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED LEVELS

Cool Chords (You Can Use)
Yes, you! Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced harpist, you can learn to play chords that will ring in your listeners’ ears and that you will enjoy hearing yourself. Triads are baby steps; let’s mambo! Without any knowledge of theory, we will explore how to create chords that will give our music more life, more flair, more sophistication, and more excitement. First, we will learn how to build the chords, and then we will learn how to use them and apply them to a piece of music. This workshop is very interactive, completely hands-on, and totally fun. As time permits, attendees will pick their favorite songs and together, we will apply these cool chords and experience the new sounds we’ve created from small nuances to amazing musical colors. Let’s take the music you play, the music you create, and kick it up a notch! ALL LEVELS

Janet Witman:

The Music of Thomas Moore, Ireland's National Poet
Can you name some of your favorite Thomas Moore songs? How about "The Minstrel Boy", The Last Rose of Summer or The Harp that Once Thru Tara's Halls? Janet will present light lecture reflecting the life, times, poetry, legacy of this remarkable 19th century personality! Janet has arranged a medley of the fore mentioned songs as a duet, and will share some lesser known musical treasures with her class. It's fun and a quiz with prizes will be given at the end of the class. Bring harps, if you like to sightread; otherwise, just relax, listen and take the music home to enjoy! (Lecture/performance)

The Finger Labyrinth Experience
If you have enjoyed walking a labyrinth in a garden or church yard, then you'll enjoy listening to harp music while journeying thru a labyrinth on paper right in front of you. Janet explores the history and purpose of this ancient ritual and offers up musical selections that you can use for meditation, therapy or self care. (All levels)

Healthy and Balanced Harp Hands
Playing the harp is a balancing act! Our arms need to support our hands, so our fingers can move freely and cleanly between vibrating strings. Janet has exercises to develop legato playing that is the sign of a seasoned player. (Intermediate)

Joy Slavens:

There’s No “I” in Team
Getting along with others can be challenging, especially when they are playing a different part next to you. In this class we will learn how to do just that - playing beside another harpist without getting lost, focusing on counting and dynamics, and listening to others around us. We will look at all areas of ensemble playing, including etiquette and proper attire. Prepare for an inspiring and enjoyable time, and you’ll take a duet home with you. All levels; harps required.

Alone to Known
We’ve all been there! Where do we start? How do we become known? Is record keeping important? Do we need a contract? How do you market yourself, your business, and your music? If you want to grow professionally, this class is for you! All levels, no harp required.

Beth Stockdell:

Techno Talk for the Harp Geek—Intro
You’ve heard everyone rave about putting down their 20 lb gig book and going digital but what does that mean? And how do you get there? In this class we will discuss the minimum and necessary equipment, the basic steps to get started, what options you need to consider now, and what you might need to think about as you develop your electronic musical library. As well as an overview of all the electronic accessories that are available to make your life easier or at least help lighten up the gig bag. All Levels.

The Harp Geek in Techno Land
You’ve got your iPad, your blue-tooth foot pedal, and your electronic tuner app. You’re set. But are you missing a few details that might help make your life even easier? Possibly. We will review the forScore app for some hidden tricks and review some organizational ideas the you might not know. Plus we will talk about real world situations with your electronics that you need to prepare for before your next gig. All Levels.