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Tip: Make a plan for your fingerings and stick to it. Being consistent with the fingers you use each time will make your playing smoother and easier.

- Denise Grupp-Verbon

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*** The Harp Gathering Blog ***


Introducing "Tip of The Week," here on the Harp Gathering website....

All of us here at Harp Gathering H.Q. are excited and pleased to announce that we will be posting a "Tip of the Week" from the pros. So, what this means is that all of our instructors, performers, and Harp Gathering staff will be submitting tips and each week we will post them in the "Tip of theWeek" box at the top of this page. Be sure to check back each week to see the lateset "Tip of the Week" and to see all of the other developments in store for the Harp Gathering in 2015!

Just an FYI, Thormahlen Harps has been added to the vendor list and includes a link to their website. Be sure to check them out as Sharon and Dave not only will be vendors at the Harp Gathering but will also be performers and instructors as well.

Stay tuned as there is always more to come and as always, we look forward to seeing you at The Harp Gathering!



Performer/Instructor Bios Posted...

We are pleased to announce that all the performer and instructor bios are posted and ready for your perusal.

We will be starting to work on getting workshop titles and descriptions up really soon, so stay tuned!

We look forward to seeing you at The Harp Gathering!



The 2015 Performer/ Instructor lineup is complete...

We are pleased to announce the the 2015 Harp Gathering Performer/Instructor lineup is complete...WooHoo!

Rounding out the gang in 2015 will be none other then the legendary Ray Pool, the quintessential instructor and performer. This is Ray's first appearance at the Harp Gathering and we are excited to have him join us!!!

Next, Sharon and Dave Thormahlen will be joining us, not only as vendors, but as performers and instructors as well. Both, Sharon and Dave are gifted musicians and clinicians!

Finally, we are sad to anounce that we will not be having a Harp Gathering in North Carolina in 2015. It is unfortunate that we didn't have the turnout that we needed in order to schedule another North Carolina Gathering. Now this doesn't mean that we won't return to North Carolina, however we need to do some further evaluation as to the best location and time of year to have it. We truly enjoyed ourselves in North Carolina and it is an absolutely breathtaking area for such an event! We would welcome any input all of you Harp Gatherlings can offer and the more folks we hear from, the more likely it is that we will come back! So give us a shout and let us know that you're ready to kick it, Harp Gathering style : )

The Harp Gathering website has had quite a few updates made and there are many more to come so keep checking back often.

As always, we look forward to seeing you at The Harp Gathering!



A BIG SHOUT OUT to our 2015 Harp Gathering far : )


Heartland Harps Sponsoring the 2015 Harp Gathering! We, are proud to have Heartland Harps sponsoring the 2015 Harp Gathering in beautiful Archbold, Ohio at The Sauder Heritage Inn. Many thanks to Dave Woodworth for being such a strong supporter of our event!!!


Lewis Creek Instruments will again be providing the Grand Prize Harp at the 2015 Harp Gathering at The Sauder Heritage Inn, in gorgeous Archbold, Ohio. All of us at Harp Gathering H.Q. want to thank Jeff Lewis for his continued support and sponsorship of our event!!! Lewis Creek Instruments Sponsoring the 2015 Harp Gathering!


We'll keep you informed as things continue to develop. We are working on booking more Instructor/Performers and will be sure to post them as we finalize them. In the meantime keep watching the Harp Gathering website as we will be starting to update it for the 2015 Harp Festival!!

As always, we look forward to seeing you at The Harp Gathering!



So, all of us here at Harp Gathering H.Q. are starting to get back into the swing of things and laying the groundwork for the 2015 Harp Gathering. Can you believe this will be our 8th year??? All I can say is "WOW!!!"

Well, with that being said, we have begun booking the 2015 Instructors/Performers and thus far we have:

TAPESTRY (Denise & Michael Grupp-Verbon) - As Always : )
Frank Voltz - Dazzling!!!
Kim Robertson - Witty and Engaging!!!
Martha Gallagher - Full of Spunk and Energy!!!
TBA... (Who do you think should fill this slot?)
TBA... (Who do you think should fill this slot???)

Now, we are looking to make 2015 our best attended year yet and we are looking at some fun ways to get all of our Harp Gatherlings involved in getting the word out about our way-cool party, but more on that a bit later : )

Currently the Harp Gathering website still has a lot of 2014 information on it and the blog page (the one you're reading right now - heehee) is the only page that has had any updating. That will change shortly and we'll start loading the site with lots of fun stuff to read so stay tuned...

And as always, we look forward to seeing you at The Harp Gathering!