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Tip: The Lever not, a toy!

- Ray Pool


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Here is a taste of what's coming in 2016!

Diana Rowan - 2016 Instructor/Performer

Diana Rowan's journeys around the world and through many styles of music from classical to folk to world have convinced her that everyone has something musical to say. Diana's performances, compositions and teaching are all about discovering and sharing who you are authentically. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, Diana's approach is to bring out the best in your playing, making music an integral, natural part of your life. She holds a PhD in harp composition, an MM in piano performance, and loves living in Berkeley CA when she's not traveling.

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Well, after a couple days we have finally been able to catch our breath and start back at it. All of us, here at Harp Gathering H.Q., had a super great time putting all of this together for you. We have had lots of great comments and some really great suggestions for upcoming years. Many Thanks to everyone for another wonderful, fun packed, educational weekend at the 2015 Harp Gathering!

As always, we look forward to seeing you at the Harp Gathering in 2016!!!